Just for Fun: A Year of Birthstone-inspired Curiosity Domes

Each year I set myself a monthly social media challenge to create an image inspired by each month's birthstone. Last year I used a trio of vintage domes which I filled with curiosities. I shared the images each month on social media but thought I'd also share the images with you here. 


January's birthstone is Garnet - here with a deep red with a subtle warm tone. You can also find Garnets in tones of green and orange. Rich and opulent, garnets are a symbol of truth, regeneration and consistency. You can also use birthstones to mark an intention or word for the year ahead. So Garnet would work well if your word of the year is renewal, consistency, regenerate or truth. If you have a January birthday or are looking for a gift for someone celebrating a January birthday you can shop my January Garnet birthstone jewellery collection here


This dome was the start of the challenge and the first image I shared on Instagram. It was inspired by February’s birthstone Amethyst and the hope that the month ahead brings stability, courage and peace. Click here to discover my collection of Amethyst February birthstone jewellery.


We had a rainy March last year, but days were getting longer and brighter so the optimistic watery shade of March's birthstone Aquamarine was a good fit. Aquamarine is thought to have a healing energy and aid connection, communication and self-expression. Click here to take a look at my March Aquamarine birthstone jewellery collection.


A trio of domes to celebrate April. April's birthstone is Diamond, a symbol of unity and commitment, representing romance, love, togetherness and trust. There's something so elegant about these shades of cream and milk - I think they pair especially well with blackened oxidised silver jewellery. If you have an April birthday or want to buy a gift for someone who celebrates in April then Cubic Zirconia (CZ) are a dazzling, ethical but also budget-friendly alternative to Diamonds. I can make any piece from my April birthstone jewellery collection in either stone - you can explore the collection here.


This trio of domes was inspired by May's birthstone Emerald. This is one of my favourite colours, so these domes include some of my all-time favourite vintage finds including this green oil canister sprouting a seedling. Emeralds are known as the stone of everlasting love - they also represent loyalty and integrity. You can discover my collection of Emerald birthstone jewellery here.


At this point we were half way through the year and this collection was inspired by June's birthstone Alexandrite. Formed when molten lava is pushed through the Earth’s crust under extremely high pressure, Alexandrite is still very rare. It’s an unusual stone as it looks teal in daylight but changes to a deep red by candle light. Shop Alexandrite birthstone jewellery here.


It's July, the sun was finally out (or at least it was some of the time) and this red hot assortment was inspired by July's birthstone Ruby. This historic china doll came to visit me and was happy to pose in one of the domes and have her photograph taken. Rubies are thought to help promote joy and instil confidence and a zest for life - all things that I hope for us all. You can discover my collection of July birthstone Ruby jewellery here.


August time and usually the grass would be looking a bit less luscious, but this summer we've had so much rain, the woodlands are looking more Peridot green than they would usually. August's birthstone is Peridot, a personal favourite of mine - such an incredible shade of green, which is light but has so much depth. Peridots are thought to reduce guilt, stress and anger - something I think most of us could do with from time to time! You can explore my range of August Peridot birthstone jewellery here.


Despite not having gone to school for many years I still get that 'back to school feeling' come September. It somehow feels like a fresh start - at this time of year I often feel a renewed sense of possibility and the need to organise!

This trio of domes was inspired by September’s birthstone, Sapphire. Sapphires are thought to help bring order to the mind and encourage focus - something I often feel I need to bring to my to do list. Click here to shop September Sapphire birthstone jewellery.


Tourmaline is October's birthstone and is thought to impart a sense of courage and adventure. Tourmalines come in a vast range of colours - many of which are thought to have their own properties. Pink Tourmaline is believed to embody love and is associated with compassion and gentleness. You can choose from pink, blue or green Tourmalines for each of the pieces in my birthstone jewellery collection to create something that feels even more personal and special. You can discover my Tourmaline collection here.


Moving on and we're already at November. November's trio of domes inspired by November's birthstone Topaz. I’ve used yellow and blue Topaz in my birthstone jewellery collection. Yellow Topaz is associated with opulence and luxury. It’s thought to harness the energy of the sun and is believed to be one of the most loving and nurturing crystals you can gift yourself. You can explore my range of September Topaz jewellery here.


Here's the final image in this series - inspired by December's birthstone Tanzanite. Believed to help balance the emotions, Tanzanite seems the perfect choice to counter the businesses of the end of the year. Click here to shop my collection of Tanzanite Birthstone jewellery.

If you'd like to see another image series - click here and I'll introduce you to special people in my life and explore jewellery for their star sign.