Earrings for Uneven Ear Piercings

Having worked as a jewellery designer and maker for many years, I've seen lots of people with uneven ear piercings. I've also seen first hand how earrings have the ability to light up your complexion, frame your face and finish an outfit. So, if you do feel your ear piercings are uneven, I would still wholeheartedly say to go ahead and wear the earrings you want to - uneven piercings or not.

When you buy a pair of earrings from my Tunbridge Wells jewellery shop or website I often make the earrings to order. So, if you would like one of the posts on a pair of stud earrings moved to compensate for uneven ear piercings just include a note with your order. Or you can visit me in my Tunbridge Wells jewellery shop, and if I'm able to, I will make the adjustment to the positioning of the earring post at no extra cost. I can only do this for Catherine Hills Jewellery earrings that are bought directly from my Tunbridge Wells Shop or online at www.catherinehillsjewellery.com.

Last year I wrote I wrote this blog about my own experience with my ear piercings being in the wrong place and it clearly resonated, so I thought I would follow up with a guide to the best earrings for uneven ear piercings.

Dotty Antler Crawler Earrings

These crawler earrings sit along the earlobe making them a great choice for uneven ear piercings. These earrings suit some people beautifully but not everyone so I would suggest trying them on first.  If I make these earrings to order I can move the posts on one or both earrings so they fit perfectly to the shape of your ear and your piercings.

Spotted Acorn Studs

These medium-sized studs work with the shape of the earlobe and make enough of a statement that small differences in piercing heights are barely noticeable.

Bees Wing earrings

The bars on these Bees Wing earrings can be adjusted to so the earrings hang evenly, but they also work well as they are with uneven ear piercings. I love the way the wings on these earrings seem to move like bees who communicate with each other through dancing.

Coral Branch earrings

These elegant earrings frame the face and add interest to an outfit. Their organic shape means uneven ear piercings will go unnoticed.

My Branch Earrings were inspired by my love of trees

Catherine Hills Jewellery coral branch earrings

Urchin earrings

A personal favourite, these Urchin earrings are unusual and make a elegant statement. These work well with all face shapes and lobe piercings.

My Urchin Earrings worn in oxidised silver

Turtle Stud earrings

My Turtle Stud earrings come in two sizes but these larger sized textured studs work especially well with uneven ear piercings. They are a statement design with an unusual geometric pattern inspired by turtle shells.

Twin Acorn earrings

Nature isn't perfectly symmetrical and that doesn't distract from nature's beauty. These Twin Acorn earrings have the right amount of detail to work well with uneven ear piercings.

My Twin Acorn Stud Earrings feature a pair of acorns worn in gold plated silver

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