The forgotten history of birthstone jewellery: Ruby

July’s Birthstone Ruby represents love, passion and protection

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Story of July’s Birthstone Ruby

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Rubies are prized for their beautiful red hue which is symbolic of love. Their name is derived from the Latin ‘rubeus’ which means ‘red’.

How are Rubies Formed?

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Rubies are created when the mineral corundum is put under extreme heat and pressure under the Earth’s surface. Other colours of corundum are known as Sapphires.

Rubies and sapphires the second hardest natural gemstones after diamonds.

History and Meaning of Rubies

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Wearing a ruby is believed to help protect you from evil. It was once believed that rubies would help protect warriors if they we worn in their armour or even embedded in their skin.

Rubies are often considered the king of gems and also symbolise success.
In folklore it is believed that if you own a ruby you will live in harmony with all people and be protected from danger. If you dream of a ruby it is thought that you will have good luck.

Colours of Ruby

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Rubies vary in colour from deep red to a lighter rose red. I’ve chosen a classic deep red for the rubies in my new birthstone Satsuma stud earrings.

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