Discover the Jewellery Zodiac

I have a mixed relationship with social media - I find it equally enjoyable and baffling. There are some wonderful creative accounts on Instagram, and it can be easy to feel you should share particular types of posts or that if you follow your own lead you’re not doing it right. But something that is important to me is to stay true to what makes my work as a jewellery designer and maker unique and special rather than following the herd. One of the ways I do this is to set myself creative challenges.

My last challenge was #SomeoneSpecialAndTheirSign. Each month I introduced my followers to someone special in my life and looked at the character traits for the month’s zodiac sign. I thought I’d also share my Jewellery Zodiac with you here and suggest jewellery gifts and styles for each sign of the Zodiac.


Catherine Hills Jewellery Zodiac Capricorn

Capricorns are an earth sign and are known for their patience, perseverance and dedication.

Capricorns tend to suit timeless jewellery inspired by nature such as my Twin Acorn and Oak Leaf Pendant and my Spotted Acorn Stud Earrings.

I met Jo a Studio One Pilates many years ago. We got to know each other and she became a customer. It was during one of our chats at Pilates that she said that she and her self-employed daughter Daisy would really like to help me with my business. It turned out to be the perfect match, I get on so well with Jo and Daisy and after all of these years I have found two women who have the same aesthetic and creative vision for my work as I do. Our monthly photography sessions have become a highlight and one of the most enjoyable parts of my month.

In this image Josephine is wearing a Ball & Chain Pendant, Pollen Stacking Rings and Pollen Birthstone Studs all in January’s birthstone, Garnet.


Catherine Hills Jewellery Zodiac Aquarius

Despite having aqua in its name, Aquarius is actually an air sign. Aquarians are known as the rebels of the zodiac and are thought to be innovative, progressive and creative.

Aquarians aren’t afraid to take risks and are often drawn towards statement jewellery such as my Dragonfly earrings and Baroque Collar necklace.

This is Daisy who photographs my work and is an Aquarian. Daisy helps me with my social media and website. Daisy and Jo have some similar characteristics, that are typical of Aquarians. They are both ideas people who are innovative, progressive and humanitarian. Air energy is all about the mind and I would say both Daisy and Jo are passionate about interpersonal dynamics. Daisy has clear boundaries and prioritises balancing her work life with her parenting life. Aquarians are committed to creating large scale impact from the ground up which means they are revolutionaries for macro change. They enjoy teamwork and participating in communities of like minded individuals. Daisy is outspoken about her feelings and has a kind heart - she really cares about the world and has a strong sense of justice - following what she thinks is right without passing judgement.

Daisy is wearing my Bubble Hoop Pendant, Pollen stacking rings and Bubble Hoop earrings.


Catherine Hills Jewellery Zodiac Pisces

Pisceans are known for their empathy, sensitivity and for being emotionally aware. They go to great lengths to make people happy and tend to be imaginative and creative.

Pisces is a water sign and Pisceans are often drawn to elegant, fluid pieces of jewellery with a story such as my Phish Drop earrings and Urchin earrings.

This is my dear friend Dee, our husbands are both actors and we met many years ago when they were in a play together. Due to when her birthday falls she's an Aries. She would go to great lengths to ensure the happiness of those around her. She is romantic, compassionate, empathetic and artistic. See works in picture editing and her creativity is also expressed in her love of fashion. She takes great care of her appearance, she always looks beautiful and Dee and her wonderful teenage daughter have both modelled for me.

Dee is looking gorgeous in my Turtle Shell Drop Earrings with Aquamarines.


Catherine Hills Jewellery Zodiac Aries

I’m surrounded by Ariens as my mum, son and two of my dearest friends all celebrate their birthday in April. I can personally vouch for the fact that they tend not to follow in the footsteps of others, are self-motivated and charismatic.

Ariens love to wear jewellery that is also a talking point such as my Sunflower Studs with Detachable Chains and my Petal Necklace.

This infectious smile belongs to my mother Peggy. She is outspoken but it always comes from a good place. She is trusting and has a very cheerful, sunny personality. Her smile always lights up the room. She has an uncomplicated, direct approach. She is very elegant and beautifully dressed. She has very level emotions and a lovely calmness. She has never judged me or tried to influence me but is always happy to let me choose my own journey.

Peggy is wearing my Phish Drop earrings and Textured Bead Necklace.


Catherine Hills Jewellery Zodiac Taurus

Those born under the sign of Taurus are known to be smart, trustworthy, patient and ambitious. They are also tactile, adore comfort and excess.

Textured pieces such as my Birthstone Bobbled Pollen Charm and Oval Bobbled Hoop Drop Earrings would suit a charismatic Taurian.

I’d like to introduce you to my wonderful daughter Eve who often models for me. She’s creative, bright, caring and quick witted. Eve is my first born and only daughter. She has many traits that match her star sign of Taurus. She’s down to earth, tenacious, reliable and loyal. Taureans happiness tends to largely centre around being supremely loved. They can be inflexible and stubborn. Eve tends to make friends easily. She loves extravagance and great things. Taureans absolutely love the people in their lives and care for them from the bottom of their hearts but they can struggle when it comes to expressing their feelings. I admire Eve’s strength so much. We nearly lost her when she was 22 months old but she’s never given up. It’s so wonderful to see her now out in the world where she’s able to shine.

Here, Eve is wearing my Antler Pendant necklace.


Catherine Hills Jewellery Zodiac Gemini

Those born under the sign of Gemini tend to be emotionally intelligent, expert communicators, quick-witted and energetic.

My lovely niece Maisy celebrates her birthday in June and is a Gemini. As a little girl she was very curious - ‘why’ and ‘what’ were her favourite words. She’s always been very chatty. Geminis are social butterflies, often buzzing between parties and dance floors. Geminis tend to be gentle, affectionate, curious, adaptable and learn quickly. Maisy loves trips out, music, books and magazines and likes to be in company. Geminis have an abundance of social contacts and tend to be great with young ones - Maisy is really wonderful with her baby cousin, my niece. Maisy is currently studying sociology which fits well with her personality.

Here Maisy is wearing my Ball & Chain and Birthstone Bobbled Pollen Charm Pendants with my Birthstone Pollen stud earrings.


Catherine Hills Jewellery Zodiac Cancer

Home-loving Cancerians tend to be compassionate, protective, intuitive and sentimental.

Caring Cancerians would suit my Kiss Cross Pendant and Love Knot earrings.

My dear friend Nedda celebrates her birthday in July and her star sign is Leo. We met 31 years ago when we studied together at the RCA. Nedda is a very talented, award-winning Belgium silversmith. Nedda’s birthday falls later in the month and she is a typical Leo - strong, driven and competitive. She loves travel and trying new things. She is also very independent and a fighter. I feel very lucky to count Nedda as a close friend. We had so much fun when she came to visit and stopped by my Tunbridge Wells Jewellery shop where this picture was taken.

Here, Nedda is wearing my Question Mark Pendant, assorted rings, my Turtle Shell and xxx (not sure of name) bracelets and Turtle Shell Drop Earrings.


Catherine Hills Jewellery Zodiac Leo

Fiery Leos tend to be passionate, persistent, dramatic and self-assured. They are the kings and queens of the jungle.

Bold and brave Leos would suit my Spot the Matchstick Bracelet and Flame Drop earrings.

This is Tilly who’s very special to me, as I’ve known her since she was a tiny baby. She’s bold, smart, strong and funny. She’s also creative and a natural leader.

Here Tilly is wearing my Kiss Cross ring and bracelet, my Petal bracelet, Pollen stacking rings and Pollen Charm pendant.


Catherine Hills Jewellery Zodiac Virgo

Those born under the star sign of Virgo tend to be practical, loyal, analytical and gentle.

I think my Three Pod Feather Cluster necklace and Catherine Wheel earrings would suit a gentle Virgo.

This is Helen, a good friend, yoga teacher and mother to three boys. Helen celebrates her birthday in August. She’s bubbly and vivacious and before becoming a yoga teacher her background was in acting, singing and dancing. She’s a very loving and spiritual person who’s so passionate about yoga. Helen is a Virgo and typifies the Virgo character traits of being logical, reliable and sensitive to the feelings of others.

Helen is wearing my Astral pendant, Bubble ring, Starfish bangle, Axolotl cuff bangle and Textured Hoop bracelet.


Catherine Hills Jewellery Zodiac Libra

Librans tent to be friendly, warm extroverts. As well as being social they tend to be fair, diplomatic and gracious.

Elegant Librans would suit by Satsuma stud earrings and Ball & Chain birthstone pendant.

I would definitely count my lovely friend Abir as a friendly, warm, extrovert. We met when I very first moved back to Tunbridge Wells 14 years ago as our sons were at the Montessori nursery together. They are very similar - active, sporty and cheeky. We have lots in common…. Abir is a very lovely person inside and out. She’s relaxing, warm and intelligent and I love her company. She is a nutritionist which is something I am very interested in and a fabulous cook and host - in fact she’s amazing. She’s speedy like me. I have never met anyone so like me in this way.

Abir is wearing my Petal necklace and Bracelet and my Oval Bobbled Hoop Drop earrings.


Catherine Hills Jewellery Zodiac - Scorpio 

Passionate, resourceful and brave are all characteristics that are associated with those born under the sign of Scorpio. Scorpians also tend to be stubborn.

Bold Scorpians would suit my Small Baroque Two Part Drop earrings and Baroque bracelet.

This is my wonderful friend Natasha Kerr. I first met Natasha back in 1993 at Cockpit Arts in London’s Holborn, where I had my first studio after graduating from the RCA. I can’t believe that it’s now been 30 years since we first met. We have so much in common but in some ways we are very different people - Natasha is calm, considered and more reserved than I am. She is a big part of my life and we go to exhibitions, shop together and are always there for each other.

Here Natasha is wearing a collection of Pollen Stacking rings, my Baroque collar necklace, Baroque cuff bracelet and a unique pair of Baroque earrings I made especially for Natasha with chain details.


Catherine Hills Jewellery Zodiac Sagitarius

Last, but by no means least, in my Jewellery Zodiac is Sagittarius. Those born under this sign tend to be optimistic, funny, generous and extraverted. Sagittarians are known to be adaptable and flexible - they have a wanderlust and a thirst for knowledge, which makes them incredible storytellers.

Glorious Sagittarians would suit my Bobbled Pollen Stud earrings with detachable chains and Three Pod Cluster Pendant necklace.

This is Ptolemy who inspired me to create the series of #someonespecialandtheirsign so it seems fitting that she completes my series. I first met artist Ptolemy when we exhibited together at art and design shows in the 90s but it was more recently that we've had the opportunity to spend more time together. When I think of Ptolemy I always think of glorious colours - colour is her passion and her obsession. Ptolemy is an artist and creates the most incredible hand-dyed, woven wall-hung artworks - discover her work at - she's also an RAC graduate like me.

You can browse my jewellery collection online here or visit my Tunbridge Wells jewellery shop - for directions and opening times, click here.