“Catherine Hills sustained belief in the enjoyment of the work she undertakes in her studio is very evident. Her Jewellery moves with it’s wearer, adding liveliness and light to the days on which it is worn; it is by the makers intention, sensual and tactile, caressing the wearer and inviting interaction; it is very much of it’s time but echoes of the past are sustained by the makers attention to form and surface.”

Wendy Ramshaw OBE, 2009

“Catherine's jewellery is distinctive, striking, unusual and individual. In the best tradition of artist- jewellers her pieces are enticing, original and good looking from a distance and enjoyable to touch and wear. She is a pleasure to work with, reliable and professional in her business and creative in her ideas.”

Mary La Trobe Bateman OBE Mdes, RCA, 2009

Former Director of Contemporary Applied Arts and now Applied Arts Consultant

“The simple beauty of Catherine Hills work belies in its intelligence. Her use of individually designed batch produced components in singular and multiple combinations are rhythmic, decorative and tactile, culminating in pieces that are audacious and timeless.”

Philip Hughes

Director of Ruthin Craft Centre, 2009

“Distinctive, detailed and diverse. Catherine’s jewellery is for men and woman who value texture organic forms and individual statements from what they wear”.

Retail Jewellery Magazine, 2001

“Catherine Hills makes deliciously tactile charm bracelets”.

Kate Reardon, The Times, 2004

“Catherine Hills works her metal hard. Her primary concerns are the interplay of positive and negative through form and colour. Her pieces also, incidentally, images of many or plenty, metaphors for creative productivity and the iterative process -achieving understanding and increasing command of the medium by making. Hills apparently likes to see a lot of it, to worry away at it, to teat every variation on a theme, coxing nuances of tone, rhythm and form through subtleties of surface treatment, oxidation, interval, piercing and shaping. The possibilities are never –ending. Some jewellers are excited by creative productivity itself-driven by it. Hills is probably one of them”.

Professor David Watkins, 2000

Extract from Process, Poetry and Meaning, Design Sourcebook 2000

“A talented and sophisticated young jeweller who is determined to create a personal and distinctive style. Much of her work is batch produced and truly international in outlook, exhibiting and selling worldwide. Catherine makes fluid organic forms. If I see here echoes of cloud effects and Jean Arp that is because modern jewellery is an endless stimulation.”

Graham Hughes, 2000

“The strength of Catherine's work lies in the wearability of each piece. The concept of interchangeable elements allows the wearer to create entire new pieces from their collection. These are truly contemporary classics”.

Michelle Bowen - Oxford Gallery, 1999

“We were looking for jewellery which displayed excellence and originality of design, craftsmanship and commercial viability. Catherine's jewellery fulfills all these criteria, and is also affordable and extremely wearable. There was a lot of tough competition and she is a worthy winner”.

Lindsay Straughten - Senior Coordinator of the British Jewellery Association, 1998