How to choose the right ring for a man or teenage boy

I’ve recently seen an increase in interest for rings for teenage boys and young adults. What’s more it seems that many of these young men want a ring that’s special, personal and will last the test of time – rather than a transient fast fashion purchase, that will potentially turn your finger a bit green or get discarded after a couple of wears. Mass produced jewellery brands don’t yet seem to be producing men’s rings that fit teenage boys with slimmer fingers and investing in a special ring when you are still growing can pose a dilemma. There’s something so nostalgic and special about a first ring. Mine was a small signet ring, which I still own to this day, but it’s so tiny I have no idea how it used to fit me!

Here I’ve shared some tips for choosing an individual ring for a man or teenage boy that will be individual, stylish and stand the test of time. You can get in touch here if you’d like help finding the right ring size or style of ring. If you are choosing a ring for a young person who is still growing, then I have a few tricks to give the ring more longevity – so do get in touch.

Bespoke Men's Ring

Catherine Hills Jewellery commission spotted band ring with gold & silver bands

For a memorable gift you could commission a one-off bespoke ring. I made this unique ring as a gift for a customer’s adult son. They came in with the foil from around a cigar, which they wanted me to use as inspiration. I decided to make a new slightly flatter version of my Spotted Band Ring combined with Silver and Gold bands to create something unusual.

Personalised Men’s Signet Rings

Engraving is a great way to make a ring unique and personal, but is more budget-friendly than a bespoke ring. I think there is something incredibly exceptional about hand-engraving but sadly its a dying art. For my engraved initial Signet Rings I work with one of the few remaining hand-engravers.

Catherine Hills Jewellery commission engraved signet ring

This hand-engraved Signet ring was made for my son’s 16th birthday, with his initials.

Catherine Hills Jewellery commission engraved signet ring

This 9ct Gold engraved arrow signet was for a 16 year old’s birthday present. It is a copy of his grandad’s Signet Ring, who is sadly no longer with us. When his grandad set up his company many years ago, which had three directors, their first clients were Japanese. 

Catherine Hills Jewellery commission engraved signet ring

This 18ct gold Signet Seal Ring is engraved with the family crest. It was a gift for a young man’s 21st. The incredible engraving is exquisite and done completely by hand by my very talented hand-engraver.

You can read my guide to Bespoke Signet Rings here and shop my collection of Signet rings here.

Catherine Hills Jewellery commission personalised owl ring

Another way to make a ring personal and significant is by using gemstones. I personalised this Owl Ring for a customer’s son’s 21st birthday using glossy Black Spinels for the eyes.

Geometric Men’s Rings

Catherine Hills Jewellery Ladder Ring

I’ve always been drawn to mechanical mechanisms, cogs and machines. This Ladder Ring was inspired by the hypnotic, rhythmic shape of machine parts. It’s different, but still understated and timeless.

Catherine Hills Jewellery Window Ring

This Window Box Ring is an understated and bold twist to an eternity ring. It uses traditional eternity ring settings which I’ve blackened to create something special that plays with contrasts, opposites and negative spaces. The end result has always reminded me of window boxes.

Catherine Hills Jewellery - Concertina Ring

My Concertina Ring is a new addition to my collection and so far only three have ever been made. It’s a timeless design but I love the way it has an industrial edge.

Minimal Men’s Signet Ring

Catherine Hills Jewellery Pebble Signet Ring

My Pebble Signet Ring is a bit of a departure from my usual style, but I wanted to create a statement signet ring with a smooth, tactile mirror finish. Beautiful to wear but tricky to photograph!  It can be personalised with hand-engraving.

Textured Men’s Ring

Catherine Hills Jewellery Spotted Band Ring

This Spotted Band Ring is striking but simple enough to wear everyday. This ring has a classic shape, but is redefined by my signature spotted texture. The bobbled texture plays with the light, drawing the eye while remaining understated in style.

Catherine Hills Jewellery bespoke Textured Band Ring

This is one of my earlier pieces – it’s almost 20 years old – so I feel I can say it has stood the test of time. It has a textured band flanked by two smooth silver bands – it’s very tactile and is perfect to wear every day. I love the contrast between the silver and the solid 18ct gold edges of this version of my Chunky Textured Band Ring, which I made especially as a 21st birthday gift.

Catherine Hills Jewellery Elements Ring

My Elements Ring is a chunky silver ring that is hand-engraved with the four elements: earth, air, fire and water. In astrology people believe the four elements can help to explain people's characters.

Men’s Peridot Rings

Catherine Hills Jewellery Serpents Eye Signet Ring

For something different and striking, then my Serpent Eye Signet rings with ether Faceted Peridots or smooth Cabochon Peridots are unusual and impressive. The mesmerising green Peridots are reminiscent of a bewitching snake’s eye. The ring is finished with tiny silver beads inspired by the beauty of snakeskin.

Serpent Signet Ring

Catherine Hills Jewellery Serpent Signet Ring

I’m constantly fascinated and inspired by the wonder and beauty of nature and was drawn to the patterns and shapes of serpents and their skins when I created this design. Serpent jewellery has been popular for hundreds of years, but I wanted to create a modern take on this ancient tradition that still draws on its rich history and symbolism.

This blog wouldn’t be complete without my Serpent Signet Ring. One of my most special commissions as a jewellery designer and maker was to create the jewellery for the Harry Potter films. I’m contacted most weeks by fans who love the Slytherin Signet rings.

My Serpent Signet Ring is available in two sizes: Serpent Signet Ring and Oversized Serpent Signet Ring. The Oversized option is a very bold ring, perfect for people who want to make a statement or have larger hands. It’s an extra chunky silver Signet ring, with an intricate snake motif as its centrepiece.

You can shop my collection of men’s rings here or visit me at my Tunbridge Wells jewellery shop and Atelier - you can find the address and opening times here.