Owl Ring with Madeira Citrines


A statement Owl Ring, inspired by Harry Potter's owl Hedwig, with expressive eyes that are finished with gorgeous Madeira citrines.

Large ring - 28mm l x 19mm w x 7mm
Set with two 3.25mm Madeira Citrines

Designer’s notes
I’d been thinking about the pets in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series and the endearing touch that each student takes their pet with them as they head off to school. My favourite is Harry’s owl Hedwig who inspired this design.

I realised, while creating this ring, why I find owls so appealing. Their huge eyes, small pointed beaks and feathered faces are so expressive – owls appear to be so much more human than other birds. I managed to source the most mesmerising exquisite yellow-toned semi-precious Madeira citrines to finish them.

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