Take a Look Inside My Jewellery Box: Bracelets

When you mostly work alone like I do, each ‘thank you’ or comment can mean a lot. A few months ago I shared the earrings I have in my personal collection here on my blog, and I was so delighted to have such positive comments on the piece. One thing I love about being part of the community of independent British jewellery designers and makers is that, on the most part, we are extremely supportive of each other’s work. Over the years I have trained, worked alongside and exhibited with so many incredible jewellery designers and makers. I have also collected some really special and unique pieces of jewellery so I thought it would be fun to lift the lid and show you what I have inside my jewellery box. In this article I share some special and unique bracelets I’ve collected.

Tina Engell

Catherine Hills own bracelet by Tina Engell

I first discovered Tina’s work at the Royal Collage of Art where she was in the year above me. Tina has a lovely workshop and shop in Bath and this leather and sterling silver necklace / bracelet was a gift from my dear friend Natasha Kerr. It can be worn as a necklace or bracelet but I mostly wear it as a bracelet.

Sarah Herriot Design

Catherine Hills own bracelet by Sarah Herriot

I’ve had this tension bangle from Sarah Herriot for about 20 years. I love the design as it’s simple and easy to wear. It fits neatly on my wrist with no movement, so it never catches or drags on my clothes. There’s just a bit of a knack to putting it on! Sarah and I have exhibited together over the years. Sarah was born in Edinburgh but partly grew up in New Zealand. As well as traditional skills, Sarah also uses 3D CAD technology to create her designs.

Petra Bishai

Catherine Hills own bracelet by Petra Bishai

This bracelet was created by one of my dearest friends, Petra Bishai. Petra and I shared a studio at Cockpick Arts in Holborn in the late nineties. I love this bracelet with it’s bold spikes. Petra was born to Egyptian and Syrian parents in Bahrain, who moved to London in the 1960s. Petra’s designs have a broad range of cultural influences.

Scott Wilson

Catherine Hills own bracelet by Scott Wilson

Scott is a fashion designer and I bought this bracelet from him at a show we did together at Cockpit Arts many years ago. Scott trained at the Royal Collage of Art and worked for Karl Lagerfeld in Paris, before going on to work for a variety of designers including Thierry Mugler, Hussein Chalayan, Rifat Osbek, Burberry and Givenchy Couture.

Francesca Marcenaro

Catherine Hills own bracelet by Francesca Marcenaro 

This beautiful bangle was a gift from my husband who saw her work at Goldsmiths. The bangle uses the technique of Glass Granulation, using gold grains and enamelling created by Francesca and inspired by ancient techniques.

Flower Pod Bracelet

Catherine Hills Jewellery Flower Pod Bracelet

I am very proud of this design as I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything similar. It’s really lovely to wear - the movement is simple with nothing that can break or be damaged easily so it’s great to fiddle with. It’s a striking bracelet but still just the right size so that it’s comfortable enough to be worn everyday.

Dotty Bangle

Catherine Hills Jewellery Dotty Bangle

This Dotty bangle looks great worn alone or in multiples. People especially like wearing these bangles stacked in contrasting colours. Its oval shape means it can be worn quite fitted. It’s decorated in my signature bobbled texture.

Axolotl Cuff

Catherine Hills Jewellery Axalotl Cuff

I wear this striking cuff on special occasions. It looks especially good on a night out with some chunky rings.

Catkin Pod Charm Bracelet

Catherine Hills Jewellery Catkin Pod Charm Bracelet

I made this bracelet especially for my wedding. I wore it with a matching large necklace, which I also made for the occasion. They were very unusual wedding pieces, but then I also didn’t wear a traditional dress - I chose to wear my favourite colour green.

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