7 Bespoke & Remodelled Engagement & Wedding Rings and Their Stories

It’s been such a rollercoaster over the last couple of years for so many small businesses like mine. My jewellery shop is in the historic Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells. Very sadly lots of the small independent shops have had to close their doors close by. In their place we now have some wonderful cafés, which have given the area a really boost but it does mean that shoppers are few and far between.

One thing that has come out of all of the uncertainty is more opportunities to work remotely. Most of my jewellery commissions including bespoke wedding and engagement rings are for customers in Tunbridge Wells, London, Sussex and Kent. Recently I've now also had commissions from the United States of America and Poland. I thought I'd share with you some of the unique engagement ring and wedding ring commissions I've made in the last year and their stories.

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Matching White Gold Hammered Wedding Rings

These 18ct white gold hammered wedding rings are for a lovely couple whose wedding has been cancelled so many times because of Covid. One half of the couple is Stephanie, who taught me Pilates for years at Studio One Pilates, Tunbridge Wells. I really love the subtle hand-hammered texture of these rings which give a soft, elegant timeless quality. 

Catherine Hills Jewellery - bespoke white gold his and hers hammered wedding rings

Remodelled Diamond Engagement Ring

This customer is no longer married but she still wanted to wear this beautiful diamond every day. I created a new setting for it in one of my Spotted Band Rings. I really love the combination of the chunky spotted band with the sparkly stone.

Catherine Hills Jewellery - remodelled diamond engagement ring in a new setting.

Unique Blue Spinal & Diamond Engagement Ring

I created this version of my Couplet Engagement Ring for a lovely couple in 9ct white gold. This design works perfectly nestled with a wedding band and can be personalised with your choice of stones. The ring below as a glistening Diamond and a very special blue Spinal.

Catherine Hills Jewellery - Bespoke Couplet Engagement Ring with a diamond and blue sapphire

Remodelled Engagement Ring

Sometimes you can fall out of love with your engagement ring - but you don't have to live with a ring that doesn't work for you any more. When I design I always try to create pieces that will stand the test of time, but that isn't the case with all rings. A customer came to me to redesign her engagement ring. She wanted a big statement ring. Her huge heart shaped diamond with two smaller round diamonds looks so glamorous against the five-band ring and she was thrilled with the end result. 

Catherine Hills Jewellery - Remodelled engagement ring with heart diamond

Redesigned Sapphire Engagement Ring

I really enjoyed working on this commission - my customer wanted to re-design her engagement ring. Her previous ring was traditional platinum with a large oval sapphire and two triangular diamonds. The gorgeous sapphire now sits in a new setting made from the platinum of her old band and contrasts beautifully with a new spotted oxidised silver band. It’s given the ring a whole new look and life. 

Catherine Hills Jewellery - Redesigned sapphire engagement ring commission

Star Sapphire Rose Gold Ring

So tricky to photograph, but this ring commission has an incredible red-gold Star Sapphire as its centrepiece. The Star Sapphire has an amazing star shining in its centre, and its colour tone is perfectly complemented by the pink tone of the gold.

Catherine Hills Jewellery - Bespoke rose gold ring with a star sapphire

Pink Sapphire and Gold Platinum Engagement Ring

This photo was kindly provided by a lovely bride and groom whose wedding and engagement rings I made. His ring is made of gold from his grandfather’s old ring and hers is platinum with some tiny diamonds to complement her pink sapphire and diamond engagement ring.
Photograph by @carla.w.photography

Catherine Hills Jewellery - Bespoke wedding and engagement rings. Platinum engagement ring with pink sapphire and diamonds

Bespoke Engagement Necklace

This beautiful necklace is clearly not a ring - but I thought it deserved a mention as it was an incredibly thoughtful engagement gift. I made this bespoke necklace for a couple who recently got engaged. He proposed by the river in the tiny village of Norway where she grew up. The area is known for quartzite and they picked up a piece to mark the occasion. It was just a rough grey rock, but I had it shaped and polished and then made it into this pendant. The pattern that was revealed after the stone was polished is so pretty and it’s such a special way to capture the treasured memory of their proposal.

Catherine Hills Jewellery - Bespoke Engagement Necklace Using the Couple's Own Stone Unique

You can discover my collection of ready-to-wear wedding rings and engagement rings here. If you'd like to get in touch to discuss a bespoke wedding ring or engagement ring commission you can email me here. For more information on commission a bespoke wedding or engagement ring, take a look at this guide