Uneven Ear Piercing or Holes in the Wrong Place

I had my ears pierced when I was fifteen, using a gun, and over the years became increasingly unhappy with where my original holes were - one was too high and the other was too close to the edge of my ear.

Catherine's original ear piercing from 1983

During lockdown (they now seem to have merged into one), I wanted to buy some earrings from another jeweller as part of the Artist’s Support Pledge. They were heavier and longer than the earrings I’d usually wear. I just wasn’t happy with the way they looked and it made me think again about my piercings. If, like me, you have ear piercings that are uneven or in the wrong place I thought I’d share some ideas, tips and solutions and more of my personal ear-piercing story (which still makes me cringe!).

    1. Do Nothing

      I’m pretty sure that no one will notice if your ear piercings are uneven or not where you’d like them to be. I’d guess it’s not something people will have mentioned. No one pointed out that my ear piercings were in a strange place and I have some quite outspoken friends! I’ve been a jewellery designer and maker for more than twenty-five years and had the joy of seeing lots of people try on and wear earrings that I’ve designed and made. I can tell you that I really don’t think it matters if your piercings are slightly high, slightly low, slightly to one side or wonky! Choosing the right earrings can also make the world of difference. The right jewellery will still light up your complexion, express your personality and add the finishing touch to an outfit. 

      The photo below shows how my new hole looks with dangly earring in my better located old piercing and also wearing new tiny hoops for my second hole.

      Catherine's new holes with a long drop earring and small hoop

        2. Choose Your Jewellery Carefully

          Uneven Piercing - As a general rule, small studs, such as my best-selling Satsuma Studs, will make uneven piercings much less noticeable than bigger studs. 

          Holes too Low - Try a cuff style earring that sits up the ear such as my Urchin Earrings.

          Holes too High - Try an earring that sits along the earlobe such as these Dotty Peridot Antler Crawlers.

          Catherine Hills Jewellery Dotty Peridot Antler Crawlers

            3. Have the Posts on Your Earrings Moved

              As an independent jewellery designer and maker, I’m able to move the posts on the back of most stud earrings to even out their appearance when worn. Do get in touch via email (link) if you’d like to find out more.

                4. Re-Pierce Your Ears

                  Catherine's new piercing with stud

                  Here’s where my story continues. After much deliberation I decided to have my ears re-pieced so I would have two holes in each earlobe, which I thought would also be quite interesting. This is something to consider if you are not happy with the location of your original ear piercings as I was. The photo above shows a stud in my new hole and a small hoop in the old one.

                  I booked to go to a local place in Tunbridge Wells, where my daughter had previously had a good experience. The first step was a planning appointment to work out if a second hole would fit and leave enough gap from the old hole. On the day they drew on the positioning of the new holes. Once the position is agreed they go for it. These days you are told not to turn the new piercing and just spray with a special cleaning spray. I found the piercing was straight forward but had eight weeks with a sore ear. (I DID turn my earring to start with, which I realise now that I shouldn’t have done!) I finally decided to put in some little circular sleepers. I have no idea how I did this but I managed to put the little sleeper into my old hole on one side and didn’t realise for quite some time! I’m still kicking myself now, but this story has a happy ending. I had to have that side re-pierced again, this time I left the new piercing well alone, it hasn’t hurt at all and I’m really pleased with the way it looks! In the photo below you can see the sleeper I put in my new hole so it more comfortable at night.

                  Catherine's new hole with sleepers

                  Here’s what I learnt through having my ears pierced

                    • DO choose a reputable ear-piercer who uses a needle rather than a piercing gun as it’s more accurate and less traumatic for your ear.
                    • DO NOT touch or move the new piercings and use the cleaning spray provided. I discovered that - if you are left-handed, you are more likely to fiddle with your left ear; and if you’re right-handed, with your right ear. Really try to resist as I found out first hand!
                    • To start with most piercers will use a screw threaded ball. Once you can change your earring, I found changing to tiny pure gold sleeper more comfortable.

                    Catherine's hoop and stud pairing