11 Bespoke & Personalised Necklace Commissions and Their Stories

Each month I take on a small number of bespoke jewellery commissions, repairs, jewellery remodelling and recycling projects from my Tunbridge Wells jewellery shop. So many small independent businesses have gone out of business in the last few years but it's important to me to be able to offer this service to the local community across Kent, Sussex, London and beyond. Over the last few years I've also had commissions from the US and Poland which has been wonderful.

I thought I'd share with you some of the bespoke and personalised necklaces I've made and their stories.

If you have a bespoke jewellery commission, remodelling or repair you'd like to discuss you can email me here or come and visit my Tunbridge Wells Jewellery shop and Atelier. You can find opening times and directions here.

Bespoke Heart Necklace with Enclosed Love Token

A romantic young man asked me to make this necklace for his girlfriend’s 18th birthday. It’s more complicated than it looks! I made the heart using my fly press so that it’s hollow inside to house something that’s significant to them as a couple. I sealed the love token in so only they know its secret. The back of the necklace was hand-engraved with '18'.

Personalised Birthstone Pollen Cluster Necklace

Catherine Hills Jewellery pendant

I made this necklace for a women who gave birth to her fourth child in August. Her husband wanted to give her a special gift and each of the birthstones represents one of her children: amethyst for February, ruby for July, peridot for August and London blue topaz for November.

Unique Kiss Cross Necklace with Diamond

Catherine Hills Jewellery pendant

This very special necklace has been made using 18ct yellow gold and is set with three diamonds. I love the 'x' symbols as a subtle yet romantic way to express love. It’s for a very old family friend of mine, which makes it feel even more special.

Sun and Moon One-off Necklace

Catherine Hills Jewellery pendant

This Sun & Moon necklace is a complete one-off and sold quickly. To make it I recycled some textured hoop beads in a completely new way which I feel really proud of. The necklace is half silver and half gold so you can wear it part gold and part silver, all gold or all silver. The necklace has 26 beads; the number 26 in numerology represents unconditional love. It's available to buy so if you are interested do get in touch

Bespoke Engagement Necklace

Catherine Hills Jewellery pendant

I made this bespoke necklace for a couple who were recently engaged. He proposed by the river in the tiny village of Norway where she grew up. The area is known for quartzite and they picked up a piece to mark the occasion. It was just a rough grey rock, but I had it shaped and polished and then made it into this pendant. The pattern, that was revealed after the stone was polished, is so pretty and it’s such a special way to capture the treasured memory of their proposal.

Whippet Necklace

Catherine Hills Jewellery pendant

Created especially for whippet-lovers! I really enjoyed working on this design, which started as a commission but with my customer's permission I’ve now added it as a made-to-order item in my collection here. I'd like to create more dog necklaces in the future so if there's another breed you'd like me to capture as a necklace, let me know.

Turquoise Upcycled Bespoke Necklace

Catherine Hills commission - turqoise pendant

I was asked by a lovely customer to take this striking piece of turquoise from a ring and make it into a pendant necklace so that she could wear the stone close to her chest. She’s a very kind and spiritual person and it was such a pleasure to work with her on this special piece.

Personalised Commemorative Cluster Necklace

This is a very special commission. The customer came to me with her dear brother’s silver chain and a silver angel wing pendant. The angel wing was a gift from a friend to make into a commemorative necklace to remember her brother who tragically took his own life. I added a pair of silver acorns, engraved with their initials, to represent them both and his love of nature. Both of their birthdays were April so we also included a Swirling Sepal Charm set with one of April’s birthstone’s - cubic zirconia. Such commissions are such an honour to create, as they are especially treasured and loved by the wearer.

Bespoke Dog Portrait Pendant

Catherine Hills Jewellery pendant

Every dog has its day and I made this Dog Portrait pendant necklace for a dear friend and customer. She had seen a locket I’d made filled with seeds and loved it. She asked me to adapt the design to include a miniature portrait of her dog. It was daunting and challenging to paint a dog in miniature. So, I took it as an opportunity to visit my dear friend and artist @sophialangmead and work alongside her in her beautiful Primrose Hill studio in London. Here’s the finished result.

Wave Bespoke Necklace

Catherine Hills Jewellery necklace

I was asked by a customer to recycle some old gold to make my own version of her daughter’s favourite silver necklace. I’ve made the wave-shaped links reversible – they are plain on one side and spotted on the other so the necklace and bracelet can be worn either way round.

Conch Shell Necklace

A lovely gentleman bought one of my bracelets a few months ago and really likes my work so asked me to create a silver conch shell on a chain to update the real shell he used to wear on a leather stand around his neck. On the other side of the silver shell I used my signature beads to complement his bracelet. I worked closely with my amazing wax carver to create this. 

You can discover my collection of ready-to-wear necklaces here. If you'd like to get in touch to a commission you can email me here. My collection of birthstone jewellery is the perfect way to create a really unique gift as you can choose from a range of stones, metals and designs to create sometimes personalised. You can discover my birthstone jewellery collection here.