Mother's Day gift guide

Celebrating Women

I’m not a fan of the over-commercialisation of mother’s day but I do like the idea of celebrating the women who’ve made a contribution to our lives, whether as individuals or to society as a whole.

To honour some of the women in my life I asked them to pick a piece from my collection that was meaningful to them. Here’s what they chose:

My mother Peggy

Catherine Hills Jewellery: Axolotl Cuff bracelet

I would really like the Axolotl Cuff in silver as it’s so solid and elegant. It would be wonderful studded with diamonds or opals as they are my birthstones.

Lara, florist and owner of Darling and Wild

Catherine Hills Jewellery Phish drop earrings rose gold

It’s so difficult to choose a favourite piece as it’s all beautiful but if pushed I would choose the Phish Drop earrings in rose gold. They instantly make me feel more glamorous and dressed, elongate my neck (always a good thing!), and work equally well during the day or evening. I always receive compliments each time I wear them.

Jo, costume designer

Catherine Hills Jewellery: Twin Acorn and Oak leaf pendant

My first pick would be the Oakleaf pendant. I love the naturalistic design with a twist that turns them into eye-catching jewellery. When I wear them I love that they are a real talking point. However, I’ve also have my eye on the new Dotty Bangle and Bobbled Mini Stacking Rings.

Daisy, content manager

Catherine Hills Jewellery: Satsuma stud earrings

I love the Satsuma studs, they are so easy to wear but always feel special. I recently saw someone wearing some studs with a blue stone that matched her eyes and thought it was so simple but really beautifully striking. I’d therefore love to receive some of beautiful new birthstone studs with a blue stone so I can try the same thing.

Jenny, quilter and owner of Pincushion

Catherine Hills Jewellery: Mimosa stud earrings

I’m in love with your Mimosa studs in black (oxidised silver) and I would wear them every day with every thing! Please help my husband to buy them for my three daughters to give me!

More ideas for Mother's Day gifts

Here are some other designs you might enjoy

Petal Necklace

Catherine Hills Jewellery: Petal necklace

I love the way that this new delicate design sits in such a neat way round the neck. It’s striking but also subtle.

Ladybird Pendant

Catherine Hills Jewellery: Ladybird necklace

I always like my newest pieces as they are very fresh to me. You can find out more about my new ladybird design here. I like the movement in the piece and how it's not clear till you take a second closer look what it is.

Spot the Buddha Earrings

Catherine Hills Jewellery: Spot the Buddha earrings

These earrings are very unusual and remind me of my amazing trip to Thailand when I was 18. They are particularly lovely from the side as well which is what is different about them.