The forgotten history of birthstone jewellery: Diamond

April’s Birthstone Diamond represents love, courage and commitment

Story of April’s Birthstone Diamond

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Diamond’s share their Sanskrit name ‘Vajra’ with a thunderbolt. Thunderbolts are used symbolically by the dharma traditions of Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism to represent firmness of spirit and spiritual power, characteristics that are also shared with diamonds.

How are Diamonds Formed?

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Diamonds are formed in the Earth’s Mantle. Geologists believe that commercial diamonds were formed and then delivered to the surface of the earth by deep-source volcanic eruptions.

Diamonds are the hardest mineral on Earth thanks to their tightly formed carbon crystals.

History and Meaning of Diamonds

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The first engagement ring adorned with a diamond is believed to date back to 1477 and was given by Archduke Maximillian of Austria to Mary of Burgundy.

Wearing a diamond is believed to help bring you peace and protect you from negative energies.

If folklore if you dream of wearing diamond earrings then you will receive good financial advice.

Colours of Diamonds

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Diamonds are generally prized for their clear, sparkling appearance. I’ve made my new Satsuma birthstone studs with diamonds or the option of cubic zirconia which is a cubic crystalline which very similar in appearance to diamonds, it’s optically flawless and more affordable.

Diamonds can also be black, brown, purple, pink, green, red, orange, yellow, blue white and grey. The colours are caused but impurities or slight alternations to the diamonds structure so pure diamonds are always perfectly transparent and colourless.

April's birthstone diamond