Snake Eye Trio Ring


My Snake Eye Trio Ring strikes the balance between delicate and bold with their elegant ring bands and statement oval snake eye adornments. They can be worn individually or stacked to create a statement ring that feels pleasing to wear.

Each ring - w 6.5mm x d 5.6mm
Three rings worn together - w 14mm x d 5.6mm.

Designer’s notes
Each snake eye oval is textured with my signature light-catching bobble pattern and finished with a single circle in the centre - reminiscent of the haunting eye of a serpent. When worn together the oval snake eyes interlink together.

Choose between all three rings in the same metal or a combination of metals. Or even go for broke by adding 24 tiny diamonds - see my Diamond Snake Eye Trio Ring. If you need any help with sizing please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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