Garnet Baroque Collar Necklace


My Garnet Baroque Necklace, inspired by antique lace and ruffs, was designed to add drama to any outfit with its intricate and ornate detail.


The collar piece - w 230 mm x l 55mm x 3mm

The total chain - l 430mm

Cabochon marquise cut garnets - 6mm x 3mm

Designer's note
My Baroque collection has been well received so I wanted to create a dramatic necklace inspired by historical lace ruffs and collars. My finished design is really versatile and brings a contemporary look but also reflects the intricacy and theatricality of the other pieces in the collection. This is a special piece as I have included twenty-two Cabochon marquise cut garnets. I love Garnets as they are such a lovely shade – not too red and not too pink.

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