How to Easily Untangle a Knotted Chain or Necklace

Have you ever struggled to de-tangle a chain or necklace? Perhaps you even have a piece of jewellery you don’t wear because its chain is tangled and knotted. I was amazed by how effective this simple trick is - it also reduces the risk of damaging or snapping a fine necklace or pendant chain.

Catherine Hills Jewellery untangling materials

All you need is:

• A Small Paper or Plastic Bag
• Talcum Powder (or Cornflour)
• A Pin or Needle
• The Tangled Chain

Untangling Method

1. Remove any charms from the chain and undo the clasp if you can.

Catherine Hills Jewellery adding talcum powder to bag

2. Add a generous amount of talcum powder to the bag (around a heaped dessertspoon). You might want to do this over a tray or piece of newspaper to make it easier to tidy up any spills.

Catherine Hills Jewellery add tangled chain to bag of talc

3. Add the tangled chains to the bag and seal the top - with a paper bag you can just fold over the top a few times.

Catherine Hills Jewellery folding bag of talc and tangled chain

4. Shake the bag until the chain is coated in powder.

Catherine Hills Jewellery shaking bag of talc and tangled chain

5. Remove the chain and you will find it untangles far more easily. If there’s a stubborn knot simply place the pin or needle in the centre of the knot and gently shake it around until it loosens.
You may need to re-coat the necklace in talcum powder if lots has fallen off and you still have untangling to do.

Catherine Hills Jewellery gently untangling chain

6. Once you’ve finished gently rinse away the talcum powder and gently pat the chain dry.

Catherine Hills Jewellery gently untangling chain

Can I help?

As well as my collection of ready-to-wear contemporary jewellery and bespoke jewellery service I also offer jewellery repairs from my Tunbridge Wells jewellery workshop and atelier - you can email me here if there is a jewellery repair you would like to discuss.

For tips and ideas for storing your jewellery to help prevent future tangles take a look at this blog and for an eco friendly way to clean your silver jewellery follow this link.