Discover the meaning of green gemstones and crystals

I have always loved green and it is my favourite colour. I find the colour calming and stimulating at the same time, if this is possible. In colour psychology it is believed that green is reassuring on a very primitive level because where there is green, there is food and water and therefore life. As green sits in the middle of the colour spectrum, the eye hardly has to adjust to see it so it’s physiologically a very restful colour.

We recently painted our kitchen-diner a subtle pale green. We also took the wall down between the two rooms and laid a strip of beautiful rectangular deep green tiles from Morocco. They look wonderful.

Nature Captured

Catherine Hills walking her dog

It’s no surprise that in colour psychology green is closely linked to nature. It’s currently spring in the UK and as I walk my dog Rolo, the countryside is looking so fresh, vibrant and green with new buds and leaves sprouting each day. There are so many shades of green - it’s incredible how each plant and tree have slightly different greens. Green is linked to the source of life and photosynthesis and the predominant colour of the earth when it’s viewed from space.

Green Crystals and Precious Stones

Catherine Hills Jewellery emerald birthstone bobbled pollen studs

So many of my favourite stones are greens, read on to find out more…

I’ve also written a blog about the history and symbolism of each birthstone so if you’d like to find out more you can find the links at the bottom of this blog.


Catherine Hills Jewellery alexandrite gemstone swirling sepal charm

June’s birthstone and also my birthstone! Alexandrite is a really unusual, subtle shade. Amazingly Alexandrite looks teal in daylight but changes to a deep red by candle light. Still very rare, Alexandrite is thought to attract balance, love and healing. Shop Alexandrite jewellery


Catherine Hills Jewellery emerald birthstone ball and chain pendant necklace

May’s birthstone is Emerald, true to their namesake a bright vivid green. Known as the stone of successful love, emeralds are also thought to promote friendship and healing. Wearing an emerald is also believed to help impart a sense of joy. As well as May’s birthstone, emeralds are also associated with a 20th and 55th wedding anniversary. Shop Emerald jewellery


Catherine Hills Jewellery peridot satsuma studs

August’s birthstone Peridot, is an enticing, fresh bright green. One of my favourite stones, peridots are such an unusual shade of green - light but with real depth. Thought to reduce stress and anger - Peridot is also believed to encourage the wearer to be open to love and new possibilities. Shop Peridot jewellery


Catherine Hills Jewellery green tourmaline branch pendant

October’s birthstone Tourmaline comes in a variety of colours - in my Tourmaline birthstone jewellery collection you will find pink, blue and green. Green Tourmaline is beautiful and varied in colour from pale to darker green, often with a subtle olive hue. Green tourmaline is thought to be one of nature’s best healing crystals. Shop Tourmaline jewellery

Tsavorite Green Garnets

Catherine Hills Jewellery set of 5 pollen stacking rings

If you like bold, bright greens then Tsavorite Garnets are incredible. Garnet is January’s birthstone and is also used to mark a second anniversary.  Green garnets are a symbol of growth and regeneration. Believed to attract prosperity green garnets are also used to represent Mother Earth. Shop Garnet jewellery

The Colour Psychology of Green

Collection of green vintage curiosities in glass dome

In colour psychology, green is the colour of harmony and balance. As it sits between the intellect of blue and the emotion of yellow, green is seen as the balance between mind, body and the emotional self.

The Symbolism and Meaning of Green Across the World

Catherine Hills Jewellery birthstone 5 pollen charm cluster pendant necklace

Throughout most of the world green is used to symbolise nature and the environment.

- Green is linked to things moving (traffic lights) and going up (footsie index).
- Green is thought to be the colour of Paradise.
- In 'The Merchant of Venice', Shakespeare used the term ‘green-eyed’ to symbolise jealousy.
- In the USA green is the colour of money!
- In the East green can be a symbol of new beginnings and fertility but in China it can also be used to show that your wife has been unfaithful to you.
- In Ireland green is the colour of good luck.

Positive Impact of Green

Catherine holding large foliage and cauliflower wreath

While researching this piece I learnt that research shows that proximity to greenness helps people to - get better when they are in hospital; increases the head size of babies; reduces stress; and improves athlete's performance! Not only that but views of green gardens increase the price of property and hotel rooms. Green herbs are also often used in food styling to make food look more beautiful and appetising.

Shades of Green

Collection of green vintage items with Catherine Hills Jewellery

Khaki and olive green are my all-time favourite shades of green and at the moment I am very keen on teaming these shades with bright blue and turquoise. We can see more variations of green than any other colour - there are so many shades of green including: aqua, bottle green, chartreuse, emerald, forest green, grass green, jade, khaki, mint, moss, olive, pea green, pine green, pistachio and sage.

To dsicover more about each month’s birthstone here are the links: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December.

Discover the meaning of green gemstones and crystals