6 Ways to wear stacking rings

I often find that people change their necklace and earrings to spice up their outfit but rings are frequently forgotten. This is why I love stacking rings as they are so versatile. Stacking rings make a stylish talking point, can add a splash of colour or meaning to an outfit and only take a few seconds to change.

You can either choose stacking rings as a set or add to your collection over time.

Catherine Hills Jewellery Pollen pod stacking ring range

Here are some different ways to wear stacking rings

Where to Wear stacking rings

Catherine Hills Jewellery - loads of ringsTraditionally engagement and wedding rings are worn on the ‘ring finger’ of the left hand (the finger next to the little finger) but it can be fun to mix things up. You can stack rings on one finger, alternate fingers or hands or just go for it and adorn every finger – the choice is yours. It’s more unusual to wear rings on your little finger or thumb but it can work really well. Rings also don’t need to be pushed all the way down and can look great on the top part of your finger, especially more delicate styles such as my bobble stacking rings.


Catherine Hills Jewellery, Bobbled pollen stacking ring

A single stacking ring can be a great way to start a collection. All of my stacking rings have been designed so they work worn alone or as a set so if you have a collection you can pick a style to suit your outfit. My Gemstone Bobbled Pollen stacking ring and Satsuma Stalk Stacking Ring are two of my favourites a great way to start a collection.


Catherine Hills Jewellery, silver pollen stacking rings

Why not go all out and wear a stack of five on more on one finger or over several fingers. Have fun experimenting with different fingers and where you place the rings.

Match them

Catherine Hills Jewellery, pollen stacking ring trios

Match three or more of the same ring such as this trio of Gold Bobble Stacking rings or silver trio with a Silver Bobble Stacking Ring, an Acorn Ring and a Snake Eye ring which have a subtle mix of textures and shape but create a harmonious look.

Mix them

Catherine Hills Jewellery, pollen stacking rings mixed metals

I’ve always loved mixing metals, oxidised silver with silver or gold and silver gold and rose gold are some of my favourites. You can also mix gemstones to add meaning – why not create a stack with the birthstones of each of your children or another family members?

Catherine Hills Jewellery, pollen stacking rings blue topaz

Make it meaningful

Catherine Hills Jewellery, pollen stacking rings alexandriteI treated myself to a set of five pollen stacking rings as a gift for my 50th birthday and to celebrate 25 years designing and making jewellery. I chose Alexandrite as it’s my birthstone and its colour tone works with most of my wardrobe. A bespoke stacking ring as an eternity ring or to represent a child or loved one can be a great way to add to an existing engagement and wedding ring. If you are interested in talking about commissioning a bespoke ring you can get in touch here.

Here are some examples of different ways to wear stacking rings – each combination was chosen by someone different.

The first set was chosen by my teenage daughter Eve.

Catherine Hills Jewellery, pollen stacking ring set Eve

The second set was my choice.

Catherine Hills Jewellery, pollen stacking ring set Catherine

Why not stop by my jewellery shop and atelier in The Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells Kent and have fun experimenting with different styles? I’m open Thursday to Saturday.

You can shop stacking rings here and find out more about birthstones and their meanings here.