Turtle Bracelet


My Turtle Bracelet is formed from nine beans, with a pattern on both sides inspired by turtle shells, to give both structure and movement.

Designer’s notes
I’ve always loved turtles and was lucky enough to swim with them on my honeymoon in the Caribbean. As you may know I often take my inspiration from nature and took the almost geometric pattern of a turtle shell as my starting point. I often think the backs of bracelets are neglected – as a bracelet turns and moves on your wrist it’s often the back of the design you see. I often find that this is a piece people want to stroke! My Turtle Bracelet fastens with a T bar and loop.

Dimensions: 205mm x 11.5 mm x 3.5 mm

Available in Silver and Oxidised Silver

Wear it with
Match the design with a pair of Turtle Earrings or continue the sea inspiration with my new Urchin Earrings which you wear up the ear.

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