July Ruby Birthstone Branch Pendant Necklace


My unusual branch pendant, set with a Ruby, July's birthstone, hangs from a delicate trace chain that can be worn at two lengths, is sure to appeal to nature lovers.

Known as the ‘queen of stones’, Rubies were once more valuable than Diamonds. As one of the hardest gemstones, they were believed to protect warriors who included them as part of their armour. Rubies are thought to help promote joy and instil confidence and a zest for life. Rubies are also associated with passion. Ruby is the birthstone for July and used to celebrate a 40th wedding anniversary.

Pendant - l 35mm x w 25mm x d 2mm
Chain length worn short - l 430mm x w 1.5mm OR long - l 480mm x w 1.5mm

Designer’s notes
My birthstone branch necklace is part of my woodland collection inspired by my daily walks with Rolo.

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