January Orange Spessartite Garnet Birthstone Ball and Chain Pendant Necklace


A special birthstone pendant for January – its centrepiece is a tactile textured ball with a glistening orange Spessartite Garnet at the base. The chain can be worn at two lengths and is finished with a delicate teardrop charm.

Spessartite garnets have a rich vibrant orange hue and are named after the Spessart Forest in Germany where they’ve been found. Garnet is January’s birthstone and used to commemorate a second anniversary. Garnets have historically been exchanged between friends as a token of their connection to each other and ensure they meet again.

Pendant - h 17mm x w 10mm x d 10mm.
Trace chain worn short - l 430mm x w 1.5mm x 2.2mm OR long -  l 530mm x w 1.5mm x 2.2mm

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