Cats Eye Octopus Ring


This ring is a one of a kind, made especially for the Goldsmiths Fair 2020. The ring is hand-fabricated in Silver, hand-engraved and set with a blue-green oval Cat’s Eye Tourmaline. It is a large ring in Size Q that can be made a little larger.

Designer’s notes
Octopuses are amazing creatures and I am fascinated by their intelligence and ability to squeeze through tiny gaps by rapidly changing their body shape.

Cat’s Eye Tourmaline is rare variety of tourmaline which gives off a unique reflection of light that resembles the slit eye of a cat. The technical term used by gemologists to refer to a cat’s eye effect is ‘chatoyancy’, derived from the French phrase ‘oeil de chat’, which means ‘eye of the cat’.


Ring - 120mm x w 26mm x d 9mm

Stone - 15.8 x 8.4mm 4.70ct Cat’s Eye Tourmaline (Please note there is a natural inclusion in the stone)

 Oxidised Silver and Silver

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