Catkin Drop Earrings


An elegant, timeless and unusual drop earrings - a small hoop holds a long, graceful catkin-shaped charm that adds interest and movement. The catkin charm is studded with a bobbled texture reminiscent of a catkin dotted with pollen.

Dimensions: From top of hoop to tip of drop 36 mm
Hoop h12mm x w 2mm x d 12mm
Drop  h 28mm x w 4mm x d 4mm

Designer's notes
Catkins are one of the first signs that spring is on its way. There is something so elegant and graceful about the way Hazel catkins turn yellow with pollen and dance in the breeze, catching the eye and playing with the light. It reminds me of the feeling when you first put on a pair of dangly earrings and you instantly stand up straighter and feel more confident.

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