April Diamond Bobbled Pollen Stud Earrings


A pair of bobbled pollen stud earrings, embellished with my signature texture and set with a Diamond, April's birthstone, are sure to make even a casual outfit feel complete.

Designer’s notes
A new design – they are a really wearable, popular size and the first time I’ve made earrings where the stones are the main event. Diamonds and Cubic Zirconia – an optically flawless cubic crystalline gemstone with a similar appearance – are prized for their clear, sparkling surface. The birthstones for April, these gems are symbols of unity and commitment, representing romance, love, togetherness and trust.

Dimensions: h 9.5mm x w 9.5mm x d 4.5mm
Set with a 3.5mm diamond

Metal: Available in Silver, Oxidised Silver and Gold Plated Silver

Wear it with
A Diamond Pollen Cluster necklace or Diamond Ball & Chain Pendant.

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