April Diamond Birthstone 5 Pollen Charm Cluster Pendant Necklace


A dainty pendant featuring a cluster of five delicate silver pollen charms on a fine trace chain, including three set with April's birthstone diamond.

Thanks to their tightly formed carbon crystals, Diamonds are the hardest minerals on Earth, believed by geologists to have been delivered to the surface by deep volcanic eruptions. Their Sanskrit name ‘Vajra’ is shared with the thunderbolt, representing firmness of spirit and power. They are the birthstone for April.

Total pendant - l 18mm x  w 23 mm x d 4.5mm
Chain length - 430mm
Largest charm spotted anther - l 18mm x w 4mm
Smallest charm swirling sepal - l 11mm x w 6mm

Designer’s notes
The largest Gemstone Pollen Charm is set with a 3.5mm Diamond with Gemstone Swirling Sepal and Segmented Stigma Charms set with a 2.5mm Diamonds. The other two Charms are Striped Style and Spotted Anther.

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