April Cubic Zircona Birthstone Branch Pendant Necklace


My unusual branch pendant, set with a Cubic Zirconia, April's birthstone, hangs from a delicate trace chain that can be worn at two lengths, is sure to appeal to nature lovers.

The birthstone for April, Cubic Zirconia – an optically flawless cubic crystalline gemstone with a similar appearance – is prized for its clear, sparkling surface. These gems are symbols of unity and commitment, representing romance, love, togetherness and trust.

Pendant - l 35mm x w 25mm x d 2mm
Trace Chain - worn short  l 430mm x w 1.5mm OR worn long l 480mm x w 1.5mm

Designer's notes
My birthstone branch necklace is part of my woodland collection inspired by my daily walks with Rolo.

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