Acorn Stacking Ring


My Acorn Stacking Ring is inspired by woodland – its centrepiece is a tactile textured dome nestling in an acorn cup. You can wear it alone or stacked with other charm and plain pollen rings.

Textured Circular top - 6mm x h 7.5mm
Smooth round section shank ring - 1.5mm w x 1.5mm

Designer's notes
This is my acorn stacking ring and what could be more evocative of fairyland than acorn cups – whether they remind you of drinking vessels, hats or some other fairy accoutrement? My Stacking Rings go with my new Pollen Charm Collection of necklaces and I love the fact that there’s so much potential for different options - different metals, different stones, different sizes of stones, different combinations. They can be totally personal. You can wear one or stack then up.

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