October Blue Tourmaline Bobbled Pollen Stud Earrings


A pair of Bobbled Pollen Stud Earrings, embellished with my signature texture and set with Blue Tourmalines, October's birthstone, are sure to make even a casual outfit feel complete.

Dimensions: h 9.5mm x w 9.5mm x d 4.5mm set with 3.5mm Blue Tourmaline gemstones

Designer’s notes
October’s birthstone, the Tourmaline, is associated with balance, wisdom and protection. Tourmalines are known as ‘receptive stones’, which means they are calming and soothing, promoting meditation, spirituality and mysticism. Tourmalines come in many different colours. You can choose between blue, green or pink Tourmaline for these birthstone earrings. The Blue Tourmaline in these eye-catching earrings are a deep slightly smoky tone with a beautiful vibrancy.

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