Sunflower Necklace


This eye-catching Sunflower Necklace has a series of sunflower heads side-by-side to create a pleasing sunflower ‘daisy’ chain. The reverse of each flower is also decorated to add interest from every angle.

Dimensions: h 440mm x w 12mm x d 6mm

Designer’s notes
It’s no surprise that sunflowers are a symbol for happiness across many cultures and I’ve always loved they way they stand proud and tall, facing the sun. Each sunflower centre is studded with my signature bobble texture which plays with the light and then surrounded by almost graphic looped petals. I’ve also tried to capture the essence of the flower on the back of each sunflower head. This design can also be made using a mix of metals on request – I think it works especially well with a blackened centre and gold-plated petals.

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