Feather Tassel Necklace


This statement tassel necklace, inspired by feathers, is a sensual and versatile design that elongates the neck and often starts conversations. You can move the silver bead up and down to customise how the necklace falls.

Feathers - l 38mm x 9mm
Chain worn shorter length - l 340mm x w 1.9 mm OR longer length - l 370 mm x w 1.9mm

Designer’s notes
I’ve always loved feathers and I’ve collected them since I was a child. Feathers were my inspiration for the details on this necklace. The slinky chain feels wonderful to wear – each end is finished with a textured feather charm. The clasp which sits at the nape of the neck is finished with a small feather detail. This piece works equally well worn next to the skin with a low or plunging neckline or over a top, to add interest.

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