Daisy Hoop Earrings


These delightful earrings feature stylised daisy charms hung from circular hoop sleepers. Choose from different metals to enhance their shape.

Designer’s notes
Almost cog-like in shape these earrings strike a balance of being graceful with a nod to the playful. They are light and comfortable to wear but add the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. You can match the metal of the daisy to the sleeper or choose from two contrasting metals – I think gold-plated sterling silver and black oxidised silver or contrasting shiny silver and black oxidised silver works especially well for this design.

Dimensions: From top of hoop to tip of drop 12mm
Hoop - h 12mm x w 2mm x d 12mm
Drop - h 6mm x w 6mm x d 2mm

Metal: Available in combinations of Silver, Oxidised Silver, Rose and Yellow Gold Plated Silver

Wear it with
Match these earrings with a Daisy Chain Necklace.

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