Pollen pod charms - how to design your own necklace

How the idea for my personalised necklace collection began

Catherine Hills vintage charm braceletIt was my grandmother’s charm bracelet and the charm bracelet she created for me as I was growing up that first inspired me to start designing jewellery. I loved the fact that each charm was individual and had so much significance. My birthstone ball and chain pendants have been really popular and I liked the idea of creating a necklace that could be made even more personal and had the possibility of being added to over time.

Introducing Pollen Pod charms

Catheriene Hills Jewellery, Pollen charms sketchbookInspired by nature, the anatomy of flowers, seedpods and natural textures such as pollen I’ve created a range of nine charms, which vary in size, shape and texture but carefully compliment each other. Each charm can be made from four choices of metal – gold plated, rose gold plated, sterling silver and oxidised silver. You can further personalise three of the charms with a precious or semi-precious stone and one of the charms can be beautifully engraved with a letter of your choice.

Catherine Hills Jewellery, Segmented Stigma Gem Charms

How it works

(This is the fun bit.)

Step one: choose your charms, I think three and fives work best but Bobble Pollen Gem charm and Letter charm also work well on a chain on their own.

Step two: choose the metals you’d like your charms to be made from (I like mixing sterling silver and gold or sterling silver and oxidised silver).

Step three: personalise by adding a precious stone or semi-precious stone to one or more of the three gem charms: Bobble Pollen Gem, Swirling Sepal Gem, or Segmented Stigma Gem; or have a Letter charm engraved with an initial.

Step four: choose your chain – gold plated, rose gold plated, sterling silver and oxidised silver.


Introducing the charms

Bobble Pollen Gem charms

Catherine Hills Jewellery, Pollen gem charmsThe 9mm diameter Pollen bobble gem charm hangs flat to showcase the precious stone (or semi-precious stone) at it's centre. The glistening stone is framed by my signature bobble pattern. Choose between fourteen stones: deep red Garnet, purple Amethyst, pale turquoise Aquamarine, brilliant Diamond, green Emerald, red/green Alexandrite, red Ruby, pale yellow green Peridot, blue Sapphire, pink or green Tourmaline, yellow or blue Topaz or violet blue Tanzanite. Find out more about the stone options and their meanings here.

Swirling Sepal Gem charms

Catheriene Hills Jewellery, Pollen swirl gem charmThis delicate swirling charm is 6mm in diameter and can also be personalised with any of the precious or semi-precious gem stones listed above. You might choose a stone for its colour, as a birthstone or because its meaning is significant.

Segmented Stigma Gem charms

Catherine Hills Jewellery, Segmented Stigma Gem charm, amethystThis miniature striped charm is slightly larger at 7mm in diameter and hangs at a slight angle to show its stone.  You can choose between any of the fourteen customised gem charms listed above.

Letter charm

Catherine Hills Jewellery, Personalised disc charmThese wonderfully tactile smooth discs are 9mm in diameter to match the Pollen bobble gem charms. I’m always drawn to typography and these personalised discs can be engraved with a letter of your choice. They look great as a set of three or mixed with other charms from the range.

Bobble Pollen charm

Catherine Hills Jewellery, Bobble pollen charm, silverBobble Pollen charms look great simply plain in silver, oxidised silver, gold or rose gold.

Swirling Sepal charm

Catherine Hills Jewellery, Swirling Petal charm, rose goldA classic plain charm with a floral touch, choose from any of the four metals.

Segmented Stigma charm

Catherine Hills Jewellery, Segmented Stigma charm, goldA charming plain charm with a segmented look available in a choice of four metal finishes.

Spotted Anther charm

Catherine Hils Jewellery, spotted anther charm, oxidised silverA great way to add texture and movement to your necklace. The long spotted anthers are 8mm in length.

Striped Style charm

Catherine Hills Jewellery, Striped Style charmAnother great way of adding a contrasting texture or sense of movement to your necklace. The long striped styles are 6mm in length.


Catherine Hills Jewellery, fine chain, oxidised silverYou can choose from four different coloured chains - silver, oxidised silver, gold or rose gold.

Personalise your necklace with birthstones

Cathereine Hills Jewellery, Pollen pod charm pendantAdding a birthstone (or stones) to your necklace adds significance, meaning and colour to the design. Choose your favourite colour, your own birthstone or the birthstones of your loved ones. There are no rules. You can find out more about the stones and their meanings here.

I’m here to help

Catherine Hills Jewellery Atelier, working at my benchYou can browse and order the elements to create your own necklace design online or stop by the shop at 21 The Pantiles to have a play around and try on. You can also call me on 01892 540888 or email me if you have any questions or ideas you’d like to run through.

Or look out for some of my favourite combinations coming soon.

Catherine Hills Jewellery, Bobble Pollen Gem studs, TanzaniteComplete the look with Bobble Pollen Gem or Swirling Sepal Gem stud earrings to compliment your new necklace.