Jewellery Commissions: See What I've Been Making

I never know who's going to walk through the door of my jewellery shop in Tunbridge Wells in Kent but it's always so exciting when someones stops by to talk about creating a unique piece of jewellery for them self or as a unique gift. 

My shop is tucked away in The Pantiles area of Royal Tunbridge Wells, which leads to the well which the town is named after. The area dates back to the early 17th century when the Chalybeate spring, with it's iron-rich water, was discovered here. Going back in history The Pantiles has also been known as The Walks and The Royal Parade.

Catherine Hills Jewellery Atelier and Shop, Tunbridge Wells

It was a dream come true to open my shop in such a historic and beautiful location. Since opening, making jewellery commissions and bespoke jewellery, including wedding and engagement rings, wedding anniversary gifts, unique jewellery commissions and jewellery to commemorate someone special, has become one of my favourite parts of my job. 

Read on to discover the stories behind some of my recent commissions...

Bespoke Swan Cufflinks

Catherine Hills Jewellery Commission - swan cufflinks

I made this pair of bespoke cufflinks for a man who was about to become a master Vintner at the Vintners Company – the swans represent the company’s emblem of two swans with grapes around their necks. It really was such a wonderful commission to work on as I've always loved swans. 

Citrine Astral Pendant for a 17th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Catherine Hills Jewellery Astral pendant commission with citirine

This commission was for a dear friend’s 17th wedding anniversary. Helen Bishop is a fantastic local yoga teacher who I went to India with earlier this year. Helen’s husband and I both knew she’d love my new Astral pendant as despite the piece being modern and edgy it has a slight ethnic feel. We added a glistening citrine, the gemstone to represent 17 years of marriage. My Astral pendant was inspired by the necklace I made for Emilia Clarke's character Qi'ra in the latest Starwars film, Solo. 

Bespoke Ruby Bangle with Repurposed Gemstones

Catherine Hills Jewellery Commission - Ruby and diamond bangle

A while back I had the pleasure of making a version of this bespoke bangle using diamonds from two heirloom family rings. As a special gift for the customer’s daughter we used the left over rubies and diamonds from the same family rings to create this piece. 

Personalised Ruby Ring

Catherine Hills Jewellery Commission  - Ruby bubble ring

I love re-using old gemstones to bring history and story to a unique piece of handcrafted jewellery - this design is my Bubble Ring which is studded with upcycled rubies. My Bubble Ring, is a chunky, textural and sculptured ring that was worn by Dr Who actor Jodie Whittaker and can be customised with different stones and metals. 

Unique Diamond and Aquamarine Ring

Catherine Hills Jewellery Commission - Diamond and Aquamarine ring

This was a tricky commission to design and make, but it was really satisfying to see the finished piece. The starting point was my Branch ring that my customer had seen and liked. The bespoke ring has her late mother’s two stone diamond ring in the centre - we then added more bands (made by melting down some old rings she had), four diamonds from the same old rings and a scattering of Aquamarines to create an abstract flower. 

Customised Diamond Ring

Catherine Hills Jewellery Commission - diamond ring

It always feels so wonderful when a customer comes back – this time a lovely customer returned to request an oxidised band ring with diamonds to match a bangle I’d made for her a couple of years ago.

Golden Owl Ring

Catherine Hills Jewellery Commission - golden owl ring

It was so wonderful to make this 18ct yellow gold version of my Owl ring with orange sapphire eyes as a special birthday present. I later discovered the person who it was for has loved owls since childhood.

Emerald Ring for a Ruby Wedding Anniversary Gift

Catherine Hills Jewellery Commissions - emerald ring

A ruby wedding anniversary gift for a customer who loves emeralds! My Textured Band ring was the starting point but we updated the design to have my signature bobble texture and added a row of glistening emeralds which stand out so beautifully against the blackened silver.

One-off Blue Topaz Ring

Catherine Hills Jewellery Blue Cabuchon Topaz ring commission

This unusual cabochon London Blue Topaz, is housed in a simple silver setting. It was made for a customer who has a similar smaller pink ring but wanted one in blue – her favourite colour.

Bespoke Blue Spinel Necklace

Catherine Hills Jewellery Commission - blue spinel and diamond pendant

This necklace was a surprise wedding gift from the groom to his bride this summer. We made her engagement ring a few years ago and the necklace was made to match. It’s a synthetic Blue Spinel with diamonds set in 9ct yellow and white gold.

One of a kind Aquamarine Studs

Catherine Hills Jewellery Commission - aquamarine studs

A pair of earrings made to match a very treasured ring we made a few years ago. Oval Aquamarines simply set in a yellow gold rub-over setting. They were to mark the birth of her third and final son.

Bespoke Wedding Anniversary Necklace

Catherine Hills Jewellery Bespoke Emerald Petal Necklace Commission

This necklace was a very special 20th wedding anniversary gift. The brief was to create something very personal but subtle so when worn only the wearer would know the significance. I added a spliced bee to my petal necklace design with a beautiful cabochon emerald as its head and Chinese script, with a special message on its body.

Catherine Hills Jewellery Bespoke Emerald Petal Necklace Commission

Find out more

If there's a commission you'd like to talk about please do get in touch - you can email me here. I can work with briefs remotely as well as in person. You can also find my guide on how to commission a unique piece of jewellery here.