How to choose a precious stone to represent your word of the year

Mark your New Year’s resolutions

I’m a bit sceptical about New Year’s resolutions. Having said that I believe in always striving to challenge yourself and setting goals for what you want to achieve – I just don’t believe it should be limited to January!

Word of the year

Something I’m really drawn to is the idea of having a word for the year. A word that represents how you want to live your life, what you want to strive for and where you want to put your focus. If you are already familiar with my work you might already know that I often work with birthstones to add meaning and significance to the jewellery I design. However, I often find my customers will choose a stone for another reason – it could be just because they like the colour, it evokes a memory or to represent their children, grandchildren, dearest friends, or sisters. Each precious or semi-precious stone has hundreds if not many thousands of years of history and significance so I love the idea of choosing a stone based on what you want your focus to be – sapphire for learning, ruby for following your heart or amethyst for mindfulness.

Guide to choosing gem stones by their meaning

Below I’ve put together a guide on choosing stones by their meaning.

The images I’ve used are from my new Pollen collection where you can combine different charms to create your own unique necklace. I’m just finalising the design and hope to be able to share more with you in February.


Catherine Hills Jewellery, birthstone charm, August's birthstone PeridotPeridot is seen as a talisman for abundance not just in terms of wealth but also for health, happiness and love.


Catherine Hills Jewellery, birthstone, July's charm RubyRubies are believed to help promote a clear mind. The “stone of magic” tanzanite is also thought to increase spiritual awareness and insight.

Balanced | Consistent | Aligned

Garnets represent energy and regeneration and are believed to bring order to chaos by balance energy, bringing serenity and inspiring love.


Catherine Hills Jewellery, birthstone, January's charm GarnetGarnet is thought to encourage the gift of imagination and help promote you to take action. Rubies are known for being rejuvenating, increasing passion and drive.

Educated | Learning | Knowledge

Catherine Hills Jewellery, birthstone, September's charm SapphireKnown as the stone of wisdom, sapphire’s pure blue ray is believed to bring healing and order to the mind, promoting focus and strength. Aquamarines are thought to stimulate the intellect.

Enlightened | Spiritual | Divine

Catherine Hills Jewellery, birthstone, December's charm TanzaniteTanzanite is known as the “stone on magic” and is believed to promote spiritual awareness and insight. Topaz is also believed to bring faith and help you achieve your full potential.


Catherine Hills Jewellery, birthstone, November's charm Yellow TopazYellow topaz is believed to emit an energy that brings new friendships and attracts helpful people. Topaz also promotes forgiveness and discourages negative emotions.

Giving | Gracious | Grateful | Gratitude | Thankful

Catherine Hills Jewellery, birthstone, May's charm EmeraldThe soothing energy of emeralds is believed to help heal and lift the spirit while pearls represent calm, innocence and purity.


Catherine Hills Jewellery, birthstone, March's charm AquamarineAquamarine is believed to give the wearer protection and quicken the intellect. Aquamarine’s name derives from the Latin for seawater and the stone is said to help keep sailors safe by calming the waves.

Joyful | Happy | Healthy

Rubies are thought to stimulate the base chakra to increase vitality and help promote a clear mind.


Catherine Hills Jewellery, birthstone, April's charm DiamondDiamonds represent love, romance, trust and everlasting togetherness – they are a symbol of unity and commitment. Emeralds are associated with fertility, rebirth and love and are also known as a stone of the heart, and are believed to open the heart and represent successful love. Aquamarines are said to promote harmony in marriage.

Minimal | Stillness | Patience

Catherine Hills Jewellery, birthstone, April's charm pearlPearls are believed to represent innocence, calm and purity. Unlike other, gems pearls are an organic matter and the oldest known gem. Tanzanites are believed to help you slow down and take things easy. Emeralds signify growth and patience.

Peaceful | Mindful | Slow

Catherine Hills Jewellery, birthstone, February's charm AmethystAmethysts are known as the dream stone and believed to help with insomnia, promoting relaxation and sleep. They are a crystalline quartz that is thought to have a calming energy that promotes concentration and focus. Peridots are said to help protect the wearer from nightmares and depression.

Strong | Energy

Rubies represent passion, protection and prosperity. Their red colour is linked with vitality and physical strength.


Catherine Hills Jewellery, birthstone, October's charm Pink TourmalineTourmalines are a talisman for protection and thought to help dispel negative energy, resolve internal conflict and create positive energy. Garnets are thought to speed up the healing process by cleansing and reenergising the chakras.

I'm here to help

This is by no means and exhaustive list so please do drop by, give me a call or email me if you have any questions.

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