Goldsmiths Christmas Fair 2020

I was so glad to be able to take part in the annual Goldsmith's Fair held online in October. I was even more thrilled to be invited by the Goldsmiths Company to take part in an extra Christmas Fair this month.

To celebrate this special occasion, I've made another short film to showcase what I do and introduce some of my favourite pieces that are on display in the Goldsmiths Christmas Fair.

Petal necklace

Catherine Hills Jewellery - Petal Necklace goldMy Petal Necklace is one of my all-time favourite designs and works beautifully to elevate the everyday or for a special occasion. A series of elegant textured petals join end to end in a chain and are finished with two petals that drop down from the centre to create a focal point.

Diamond bubble ring

Catherine Hills Jewellery - Diamond Bubble Ring

Who doesn't love bubbles I have great memories of my young children joy at bubbles being blown from a giant bubble-blower. The Diamond Bubble Ring is light and comfortable to wear. It has extra sparkle from the 7 diamonds set flush into it. Highly textured with tiny beads of silver once oxidised are reminiscent of marcasite.

Aster Daisy Drop Earrings

Catherine Hills Jewellery - Aster Earrings

Asters are a symbol of patience and elegance which seems fitting for these stylish Aster Daisy Drop Earrings, which fall beautifully, drawing the eye and elongating the neck. Their centrepiece is a domed beaded flower head with three graceful petals that drop down creating movement and interest.
Kiss cross earrings

Dotty Bangle

Catherine Hills Jewellery - Dotty Bangle

I often find that when I introduce a new design it can take a while to have its moment, but not so with these Dotty Bangles. They are light and easy-to-wear yet feel special. They look great worn alone, as a set of three or mixed with other bracelets.

Kiss Cross Drop Earrings

Catherine Hills Jewellery - Kiss Cross Earrings

These long Kiss Cross Drop Earrings are bound to be a talking point – whether in silver, oxidised silver, or rose or yellow gold. I wanted to use the cross as a motif because it has so many meanings, going back through civilisation, and three seemed to work beautifully together. Though the shape is geometric, each cross is linked to the next by a ring to give a fluidity that provides the piece with an organic quality.

Dream catcher feather cluster pendant necklace

Catherine Hills Jewellery - Dream Catcher Feather Pendant Necklace

I’m fascinated by Native American culture and was inspired by the imagery and symbolism of dream catchers as talismans for good dreams. The feathers in dream catchers act as a fluffy ladder that allows good dreams to gently descend on the sleeping person underneath. Dream Catchers inspired my Dream Catcher Feather Cluster Pendant Necklace design and my Three Pod Feather Cluster.

Midi bobbled stacking rings

Catherine Hills Jewellery - Midi Bobbled Stacking Rings

These highly textured Midi Bobbled Stacking Rings make fantastic presents worn singularly or stacked together in a combination of colours. Here they are in the three colours of 9ct Gold white, yellow and Rose but the rings are also available in Silver or oxidised Silver. They are lovely teamed with other stacking ring designs adding texture or to make the ring wider or used as spacers creating some separation between the rings with stones.

Birthstone ball and chain necklace

Catherine Hills Jewellery - Birthstone Ball and Chain Pendant Necklace

My Birthstone Ball and Chain Pendants make memorable gifts and are the perfect everyday signature necklace that can be personalised with your choice of metal and stone. The stone is on the base of the textured ball charm so it glistens as the pendant moves. The chain can be worn at two different lengths and the piece is finished with a small teardrop textured charm that hangs beautifully below the nape of the neck. They are available with 12 stones, one for each month of the year.