For the love of trees and woodlands

Finally, after many years of cooing, petting and doting over every dog and puppy that pops into my Tunbridge Wells jewellery shop we’ve decided to have a dog of our own. I’ve had some sleepless nights wondering if it’s the right choice but when we met him for the first time my heart instantly melted and I knew it was meant to be. I’m so looking forward to getting out into nature with my new pup (once he’s old enough). When I was growing up, I loved woodland walks with our family dog, especially in Broadwater Warren.

Catherine Hills Jewellery sketchbook oak and ash

I’m always filling my pockets with seasonal nature finds to take back to my jewellery workshop as inspiration. Taking in the scents, textures and lights and shades of nature always leaves me feeling reinvigorated and inspired. Here are some of my favourite pieces that take their inspiration from Mother Nature.

Catherine Hills Jewellery song thrush sketchbook

Acorn ring

Catherine Hills Jewellery acron stacking ring

I’m always amazed by the variety of nature’s bounty – and I find it mind-blowing (and a wonderful mindfulness exercise) to really study the variety of nuts and seeds that you can find when you look closely. I’m known for my bobbled textures and I love the way the uneven round bobbles on this Acorn ring catch the light, as if it were studded with tiny pearls.

Acorn Cup studs

Catherine Hills Jewellery acorn studs oxidised silver earrings

I also turned this same bobbled nut into a pair of stud earrings. They have such a different feeling in different metals – the icy silver reminds me of the first frosts of winter, the gold of the early morning light in autumn and the black reminds me of the cool shade of woodland.

Twin acorn studs

Catherine Hills Jewellery Twin Acorn stud earrings

Each stud is a pair of acorns entwined together. People have chosen these as they like the shape but also to represent people such as two daughters or sisters.

Oak leaf studs

Catherine Hills Jewellery Oak Leaf stud earrings

A pair of small leaf earrings inspired by the distinctive shape of the leaves of the English oak tree. The oak is one of my favourite trees and I love it when the leaves turn from vivid deep emerald to yellow and red and then light brown in the autumn.

Catkin drop earrings

Catherine Hills Jewellery Catkin drop earrings

Sometimes called lambs tails, catkins are seen as a symbol of new growth and fertility. There is something magical about seeing the new catkins emerging after all the cold winter weather that inspired my catkin earrings.

Spotted Acorn cufflinks

Catheriene Hills Jewellery spotted acorn cufflinks

My Spotted Acorn cufflinks have been one of my most popular cufflink designs. They work well dressed up or down and the two contrasting textures catch the light giving them an almost playful quality.

Twig rings

Catherine Hills Jewellery twig rings

A new design… I wanted to create a simple ring that could be worn as a wedding band that took its inspiration from nature. I created the texture using a real twig I found that had a particularly wonderful pattern.

Song Thrush earrings

Catherine Hills Jewellery song thrush stud earrings

I’ve always loved birdsong and for me it represents freedom. The thrush’s song is one of my favourites and I really enjoyed creating this tiny version of this musical bird – whose song for me sounds like poetry.

Owl ring

Catherine Hills Jewellery Owl rings

Owl’s have a very special place in my heart and their faces have so much expression. I had the honour of making the jewellery for the Harry Potter films and my owl ring was inspired by Harry Potter’s dear friend Hedwig. You can find out more about my inspiration here.

Birthstone Branch necklace

Catherine Hills Jewellery Yellow Topaz birthstone branch pendant necklace

New for 2020, are my collection of Birthstone Branch necklaces. I loved the idea of adding a small glistening birthstone set in 9ct Gold to my branch design so there’s something special to discover when you take a close look like the first blossom buds of the year or the first berries of autumn.

You can discover my collection of woodland inspired jewellery online here and in my Tunbridge Wells shop where both human and canine visitors are very welcome. If you’re visiting Tunbridge Wells you can also find my guide to my favourite local independent shops here.