Behind the Scenes: Making a Very Special Couplet Ring

Finished sapphire bespoke ringI've spent years dreaming and thinking through the perfect engagement ring or special occasion ring and finally launched my Couplet ring design a couple of years ago. To date each precious Couplet ring has been handmade and completely unique. I've enjoyed picking an exquisite stone for each one and the labour of love to make a unique setting to perfectly house each glistening stone. 

This year my daughter celebrated her 21st birthday and I wanted to make her an extra special gift to mark the occasion. We talked it through and she said that what she'd really love is a Couplet ring. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to create a master of the design to make it more affordable and accessible. Once a master is created then the ring can be cast rather than individually handmade. I can still make handmade versions to perfectly house unique stones too. 

I've kept a photo diary of the process which I thought I'd share with you here. 

The ring is designed so that the stones sit just high enough off the band for a wedding band to slot in next to it perfectly.

To start with I wound 2mm wire round my mandle to make the shank for the master ring. 

Making a handmade engagement ring

Next I hammered the wire into a circle.

Making a bespoke handmade engagement ring

Here I used my set of punches to stamp out the disk for the small diamond cup setting.

Making a bespoke handmade engagement ring in Tunbridge Wells Kent

These are the punches I used to make the cup setting for the diamond.

Bespoke engagement ring special unique ring being made in The Pantiles Tunbridge Wells Kent

Next I made the disc for the larger stone by Repuse punching on a leather sandbag to to make the oval couplet.

Harry Potter jeweller making a bespoke engagement ring in Tunbridge Wells Kent

After that I soldered the two settings onto the ring.

Making a unique bespoke engagement ring with diamonds in Kent Tunbridge Wells

Finishing a customised personalised engagement ring in Tunbridge Wells kent

This is the finished sample master for the couplet ring which I then sent to the caster to create the master mould.

Work in progress - making a casting for a diamond engagement ring in Tunbridge Wells Kent

Once the master mould has been made my caster sends me a wax sample, made using the new mould, to check. 

I gathered a collection of old gold scrap which I'd built up over some time - it included some of my granny's old jewellery, my teenage jewellery and bits from a bracelet that I don't wear any more.  

Casting a bespoke gold ring in Tunbridge Wells Kent

 Here's the machine which was used to cast the ring.

Making a bespoke upcycled ring in Tunbridge Wells KentBingo! Here's how the casting came out. I wanted to fill the cast as it's more economical so I added some Starwars Cup Earrings and bits and pieces of the future including a gold Tiny Bee Pendant I'm going to make for myself.

Bespoke engagement ring being made in tunbridge wells

Here's the freshly cast ring.

In the jewellery workshop - a bespoke engagement ring being made in Tunbridge Wells

Next I carefully cleaned and polished the casting. 

Farringdon for London's jewellery district

To choose the stone I went to Hatton Gardens in London Farringdon. 

Choosing a stone for a bespoke ring in Hatton Garden London

There's so much choice. 

Choosing the right stone of a special bespoke ring in London

I chose a selection that I thought could work: five blue sapphires; five pink sapphires; a pink tourmaline and a blue tourmaline. I took the selection of stones back home to consider and discuss with my daughter. 

Chosen stone for a bespoke engagement ring made in Tunbridge Wells

Here's the stones we chose - a glistening blue sapphire and a diamond. We looked at the distribution of colour within the stone, the tone of colour and how the colours work together to make the choice.

Choosing the right stone for a bespoke engagement ring

Next I took the ring and the stone to my specialist stone setter. 

Setting the stone for a bespoke engagement ring Tunbridge WellsSetting the stone for a bespoke engagement ringSetting the stone for a bespoke engagement ring

The final step was a visit to the Assay Office in London to have my personalised hallmark added.

Hallmarking a bespoke engagement ring

My daughter was thrilled with the ring and it's been such a pleasure to see it bring so much joy. I hope it's a gift that she'll treasure for years to come and possibly even hand over to future generations. 

Bespoke sapphire ring in Tunbridge WellsHere's the finished ring. To shop my range of special occasion and engagement rings click here. If you'd like to discuss commissioning a unique ring or engagement ring, click here to get in touch.