Spot The Ball Tassel Necklace


An elegant tassel pendant on a snake chain threaded with seven spotted ball beads that elongates the neck and often starts conversations. You can move the textured beads can be moved up and down to create subtly different effects.

Balls: l 11mm x w 11mm x d 11mm
Chain worn short - l 420 mm x w 2.4 mm OR long - l 440 mm x w 2.4 mm
With rubber o-rings to allow for adjustment in length

Designer’s notes
Sure to attract attention and spark conversations, this necklace looks stunning with a plunge neckline but could also be worn to embellish a plain top. Each of the tassels has three or four of my signature bobbled balls. You can opt for simplicity with both balls and chain in silver or mix things up with balls in gold or oxidised silver on a silver chain.

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