Snowball Tassel Necklace


An elegant tassel pendant on a snake chain threaded with seven tiny textured snow ball beads that elongates the neck and often starts conversations. You can move the beads up and down to customise how the necklace falls.

Snowball bead - l 8.5mm x w 7mm
Chain worn short - l 280 mm x w 1.9 mm OR long - l 300 mm x w 1.9 mm

Designer’s notes
A tassel pendant designed to complement my best-selling Snowball Stud earrings. It catches your eye then draws them up to the loop which frames the face. It looks fantastic worn with a low neckline and also works well with high-necked tops and jumpers. I like designing using odd numbers so seven textured snowballs finish the two tassels. The snake chain can be worn at a longer or shorter length that is adjusted with rubber o-rings and fastened with a bolt ring.

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