Axolotl Bangle with Aquamarines


A classic cuff bangle, studded with thirteen Aquamarines, elevated with my signature bobble texture, named after the axolotl, that catches and plays with the light beautifully.

Designer’s notes
Aquamarine’s crystal blue evokes the feeling of the sea and is believed to be calming, soothing and cleansing. Aquamarine is March’s birthstone. This bangle is named after a fascinating creature, the axolotl which is an aquatic member of the salamander family.

My Axolotl Cuff Bangle is also available without stones. You can see more options for my Axolotl Cuff Bangle here. It can also be made with other precious stones, so do get in touch if there’s another option you’d like to discuss.

Bangle - h 80mm x w 23mm x d 7mm
Gemstones - three 4mm x 2mm retangular stones, four 1.75mm brilliant cut and six 1.25mm brilliant cut stones. 

Metal: Available in Silver and Oxidised Silver

Wear it with
Pair it with some Satsuma Stud Earrings with Aquamarines.

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